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Influential. Experienced. A Record of Success.
Stu Sandler interviewed
Recently named 'One of the 5 most Influential Republican consultants in Michigan' by nationally published Campaigns & Elections Magazine, Stu Sandler has a reputation for getting things done. An attorney, skilled manager, strong political strategist, and disciplined message developer, Sandler has a tremendous record in Michigan politics and government.

He has run statewide campaigns, managed large staffs, oversaw national efforts at a national advocacy group, and has unparalleled experience. Read More >

Strategic Advice and Counsel. Outstanding Crisis Management.
Stu Sandler interviewed
Making order out of chaos, dealing with public relations problems, and helping solve general crises, that’s just another day at the office for Decider Strategies.

Decider Strategies is a full-service political campaign and public relations firm. Consulting on dozens of winning campaigns, from township supervisor to county commission to statewide races to national campaigns, Decider Strategies can provide the winning edge your campaign or initiative needs.  Read More >

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